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CinQuartz® Portable True HEPA Air Cleaner on Wheels, up to 305 cfm, White Powder Coat

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The CinQuartz® True HEPA Air Cleaner on wheels has been designed to remove 99.97% of atmospheric and household dust, coal dust, insecticide dust, mites, pollen, mold spores, fungi, bacteria, vi-ruses, pet dander, cooking smoke and grease, tobacco smoke particles, and more down to 0.3 micron (1/84,000 of an inch) on the first pass of air. As the HEPA filter becomes dirtier with time, it becomes more efficient and can capture particles as small as 0.001 micron. Ideal for homes with allergy, asthma or respiratory sufferers, smokers, pets, cook-ing odors and mustiness. Also ideal for light commercial use such as daycare cen-ters, dental clinics, doctor’s offices, health and relaxation spas, and lots more. Cleans a room up to 763 ft² with 3 air changes per hour.

Request for Quote (RFQ)
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